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Special Session

Special Sessions Proposals Requirements:

Special Sessions Proposals should be submitted in PDF format and include the following information:

  • Title and abstract: Propose a title and a brief abstract of no more than approximately 100 words that will allow conference attendees to understand the topic and the focus of the special session.
  • Rationale: Please explain why the topic of the special session is novel and timely, why it is relevant to the conference community and how it possibly fits within the innovation themes listed above.
  • Proposed speakers: Provide a list of all talks, speakers, and co-authors (in each associated paper). Technical sessions are normally expected to have 5 papers.
  • Biographies: Provide a short bio-sketch of the session proposers.

Proposal's online submission link:

The selection committee will choose the special session proposals based on the topic, quality of the overview paper, and the contributors' qualification.

Approved Special Session List

  • SS001 Title: Multi-Market Equilibrium Analysis: Challenges and Solutions (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Donghan Feng, Yun Zhou, Hengjie Li

  • SS002 Title: Resilience Enhancement Strategies for The New-type Power System Resist Extreme Events (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Yichen Shen, Heng Zhang, Shenxi Zhang

  • SS003 Title: Smart and Interactive Energy Management for Multi-agent New Types of Power Systems (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Tianguang Lu

  • SS004 Title: Joint Planning and Operation of Energy-transportation Integration System (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Qian Zhang, Zhaohao Ding

  • SS005 Title: High-Quality Power Supply Technologies of Low-Carbon Distribution Systems (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Lu Zhang, Bo Zhang

  • SS006 Title: Optimal Planning and Operation of Regional Integrated Energy Systems Under the Scalable Aggregation of Flexibility Resources (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Fangyuan Si

  • SS007 Title: Key Technology of Power Balance Capability Evaluation and Improvement Considering Large-Scale Renewable Energy Integration (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Shuanglei Feng, Peng Li

  • SS008 Title: National K&D Program "Research on Key Technologies and Simulation Platform of Collaborative Operation of Active Distribution Power System based on Multiple Flexibility Mining" (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Ming Yang, Zhaohao Ding

  • SS009 Title: Renewable Power Forecast Accuracy Improvement Technology and Its Application (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Bo Wang, Jie Shi

  • SS010 Title: Flexible Mechanism, Analysis and Control of Power Systems with High Penetration of Renewable Energy (Read More)
  • Track Chair(s): Jia Liu, Zao Tang, Tingjian Liu