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Special Session

Special Session Introduction

Abstract: Aiming to achieve energy low-carbon transition, the capacity of renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy, increases sharply and the renewable energy would be the main body of the future power supply framework. However, given uncertainties associated with renewable energy generation, there are many technical challenges to realize the renewable energy substitution from the perspectives of power, energy and social duty. Among economy, security and reliability of power systems, flexibility becomes a new focus property in the presence of renewable energy. Once the flexibility of a power system is not enough, renewable energy curtailment or load shedding may occur, which would reduce the renewable energy accommodation capability or power supply reliability. Thus, it is worthy to exploit the theories and methods for flexible mechanism, operation optimization and expansion planning of power systems with high penetration of renewable energy. This special session focuses on flexible characteristic and mechanism for high renewable energy power systems, multi-objective coordinated power system planning methods, large-scale distributed flexible sources clustering approaches, flexibility evaluation and operation optimization, etc.
1) Flexible characteristic and mechanism for high renewable energy power systems
2) Flexibility modelling and value evaluation for source-network-load-energy storage in power systems
3) Data-driven large-scale distributed flexible sources clustering approaches
4) Flexibility coordination theory and assessment method for power systems with other energy systems
5) Topology structure analysis for high renewable energy power systems
6) Multi-objective integrated planning of power systems considering carbon emission and renewable energy accommodation
7) Planning theory and approach for active distribution networks considering renewable energy installation and demand response
8) Flexibility assessment and optimal operation of distributed renewable energy sources
9) Flexible coordinated operation of renewable energy and load demand
10) Market mechanism for source-network-load-energy storage operation

Special Session Organizer

Jia Liu, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Zao Tang, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Tingjian Liu, Sichuan University

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