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Special Session

Special Session Introduction

Abstract: Driven by the goals of clean energy and zero carbon emissions, the power industry is undergoing significant transformations. The government of China plans to build a new type of power system featuring a gradual increase in the proportion of new energy sources and the large-scale deployment of clean power resources nationwide. The ever-increasing penetration of uncertain inverter-based distributed energy resources (DERs), such as wind and rooftop PV, will inevitably pose a considerable influence on the power system, bringing reliability, economic and resiliency concerns. Hence, it is imperative and essential to improve the comprehensive regulation capability of the power system, accelerate construction of flexible regulation power, guide self-supplied power plants, traditional high-energy industrial loads, industrial and commercial interruptible loads, electric vehicle charging networks and virtual power plants to participate in system regulation, to build a strong smart grid and improve grid security level.
Technical Outline of the Session: Under this context, the new control methods, new management strategies as well as new market mechanism are highly desirable. Research into the new power system is strongly interdisciplinary, involving the state of the art in control theory, economics, artificial intelligence (AI) and information technology. This Session aims to call for innovative ideas and interdisciplinary research in the synergy optimization and dispatch control of "Source-Grid-Load-Storage" and realization of multi energy complementary to address the forthcoming technical challenges.

  • 1. Grid protection, reliability, energy / power quality, and maintenance
  • 2. Smart metering, measurement, instrumentation, and control
  • 3. Renewable energy, wind, solar, fuel cells, and distributed generation within microgrids
  • 4. Scalable optimization and control approaches for the new Power system
  • 5. Novel market architecture, valuation mechanisms for DER integration
  • 6. business models and energy policies in the new power system
  • 7. Peer-to-peer energy and service trading
  • 8. Distributed ledger technology including blockchain
  • 8. Advanced information and computing technologies (ICT)
  • 9. Big data technology and AI for renewable energies
  • 10. Energy efficiency, conservation, and savings

  • Special Session Organizer

    Dr. Tianguang Lu, Shandong University

    Dr. Changsen Feng, Zhejiang University of Technology

    Dr. Kaiqi Sun, Shandong University

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