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Ph.D. Dissertation Challenge

Appendix: Suggested Scopes

The Ph.D. dissertation topics shall fit into one of the main categories of l&CPS Asia, including but not limited to subcategories.

Track One: Power System Engineering

  • Power System Planning
  • Power System Operation
  • Power System Control
  • Power System Protection

Track Two: Energy Systems

  • Multi-energy System
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Low-carbon Energy System
  • Distributed Energy Resources

Track Three: Smart Grid

  • Microgrid
  • Resilient Distribution Network
  • Low-carbon Power System
  • Novel Information Technologies for Smart Grid

Track Four: Renewable Energy Integration

  • Renewable Energy Development and Integration
  • Evaluation of Renewable Energy
  • High Penetration of Renewable Energy

Track Five: Energy Storage Technologies

  • Energy Storage Planning and Operation
  • Real-time Monitoring of Energy Storage
  • Security Assessment of Energy Storage

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