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Special Session

Special Session Introduction

Abstract: Maintaining a real-time balance between energy supply and demand is fundamental to ensuring energy systems' safe and stable operation. However, in the context of China's low-carbon energy strategy, the rapid development of new energy sources such as wind and solar power, which are characterized by intermittency and volatility, poses significant challenges to system stability and safety. Increasingly, the imbalance between supply and demand has led to issues such as wind and solar energy curtailment and periodic shortages in energy supply. Moreover, China's current energy structure is still dominated by thermal power, and the availability of fast, flexible, and low-carbon regulation resources is relatively limited. Furthermore, as energy forms such as electricity, heat, cold, and natural gas become increasingly coupled in multiple stages, relying solely on a single energy system and traditional control modes that follow the load is no longer sustainable. Therefore, it is necessary to promote regional integrated energy systems (RIES) on the user side to integrate distributed generation, combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP), energy storages, and multi-energy loads into system scheduling and operation.
Technical Outline of the Session: Under this context, new management strategies, optimization methods, and market mechanisms are highly desirable. Therefore, research on the RIES is strongly interdisciplinary, involving the state of the art in energy and power, control theory, economics, artificial intelligence (AI), and information technology. This Session aims to call for innovative ideas and interdisciplinary research in the synergy optimization of "Source-Grid-Load-Storage" of the RIES and the realization of multi-energy complementary to address future technical challenges.

  • 1. Evolution of RIES under the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality
  • 2. Support of RIES for new power systems
  • 3. Assessment of flexibility and regulation capacity for RIES
  • 4. Scalable optimization and control approaches for RIES
  • 5. Novel market architecture for multi-energy integration
  • 6. Business models and energy policies for RIES
  • 7. Peer-to-peer energy and service trading mechanisms
  • 8. Advanced information and computing technologies (ICT)
  • 9. Big data technology and AI in RIES
  • 10. Energy efficiency, conservation, and savings

  • Special Session Organizer

    Dr. Fangyuan Si, Tsinghua University

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