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Special Session

Special Session Introduction

Abstract: The construction of new power system with non-carbon energy sources and the development of a zero-emission low-carbon transportation system are important measures to achieve China's "3060 dual-carbon" goal. Multi-energy coupling provides an effective way to enhance the flexibility of power system and promote the consumption of renewable energy. Cooperative dispatching of different energy sources through multi-energy coupling can make full use of the complementary and synergistic effects of each energy source and realize the optimal allocation of resources on a larger scale. New energy vehicles can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also serve as an effective dispatching resource for the interaction of "source-network-load-storage", and participate in large-scale renewable energy consumption. The electricity-hydrogen integrated system with new energy vehicles can effectively tap the potential of renewable energy consumption of the electric power system, transportation system and hydrogen energy system, and promote the decarbonization of the energy-transportation system.
Technical Outline of the Session: Multi-energy coupling for the synergistic dispatch of different energy sources can make full use of the complementary and synergistic effects of each energy source. Thus, the planning and operation approaches that can be taken are also different from different viewpoints. In this sense, state-of-the-art research advances in joint planning and operation of energy transportation integration systems are encouraged in this special session. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Implementation of vehicle-to-everything solutions(such as V2G, V2B, V2L, V2V, etc)
  • Utilize V2X as flexible resource towards high penetration level of renewable energy
  • V2X solutions for microgrids
  • Source-network-load-storage flexibility resource planning and operation
  • Optimal planning and operation for integrated electric-hydrogen system
  • Demand side management and electricity market

  • Special Session Organizer

    Dr. Qian Zhang, Chongqing University

    Dr. Zhaohao Ding, North China Electric Power University

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