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Special Session

Special Session Introduction

With the aim of carbon-neutral target in 2060, the efficient and reliable application of renewable energy has drawn increasingly more attention in both industrial and academic societies. One of the typical features of power system is the growing integration scale of renewable energy including wind and solar. However, the randomness, fluctuation and intermittence of renewable power output has brought much challenge to power system with respect to reliable and efficient operation. To solve the above problem, novel forecasting technology and algorithm should be one of the most crucial ways. Hence appropriated forecasting approach becomes more and more critical to coordinate the operation and planning of new energy power systems to enhance the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon emission as an integrated system. The increasing forecasting technology demand shall not only be met through power system operation and planning, but also provide flexibility and reliability to support the integration of intermittent renewable power generation. Meanwhile, the power system shall address the opportunities and needs for the integration of large scale renewable energy and related emerging technologies.

Technical Outline of the Session

This special session focuses on the forecasting technology and application of power output or load in power system when integrated large scale new energy. The objective of this special session is to explore the development and practice of forecasting algorithm based on large-scale new energy integration to power system, so as to push the research process to obtain achievements in this area. Topics of interest include (but not limit to): integrated or distributed generation power output forecasting of intermittent renewable energy (e.g.: wind power and photovoltaic power), load forecasting of power system considering large-scale new energy integration, probabilistic forecasting theory development and approach of new energy power system, application of new energy power system forecasting, and other emerging technologies that enable reliable integration of renewable energy along with efficient dispatch of new energy power system as needed.

Special Session Organizers

Dr. Ming Yang, Shandong University,

Dr. Jie Shi, University of Jinan,

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extended to May 01, 2021
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extended to June 01, 2021

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