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Special Session

Special Session Introduction

Facing the carbon-neutral target in 2060, transportation electrification has drawn more and more attention in both industrial and academic sectors. Considering the unique flexible operation characteristics of electrified transportation system, it becomes more and more critical to coordinate the operation and planning of energy and transportation systems to enhance the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon emission as an integrated system. The increasing energy demand from electrified transportation sector shall not only be met through renewable energy, but also provide flexibility to support the integration of intermittent renewable power generation. Meanwhile, the power grid shall address the opportunities and needs for the integration of large scale EVs and related emerging technologies.

Technical Outline of the Session

This special session focuses on the energy-transportation nexus towards low-carbon future. The objective of this special session is to identify, address and disseminate state-of-the-art research works that optimize the operation and planning of energy and transportation system and improve social welfare towards low carbon future. Topics of interest include (but are not limit to): low carbon operation for electric vehicle charging and battery swapping facilities, infrastructure planning for transportation electrification, charging demand navigation schemes, and other emerging technologies that enable convenient use of electric vehicles and efficient dispatch of energy as needed.

Special Session Organizers

Dr. Zechun Hu, Tsinghua University,

Dr. Zhaohao Ding, North China Electric Power University,

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Important Dates

Submission Deadline
extended to May 01, 2021
Notification Deadline
extended to June 01, 2021

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